Ancient Instrument Hoard visits Veritas classrooms

On May 24th I visited Veritas School in Newberg, Oregon, to share musical instruments from the Middle Ages and Renaissance with the students.

The instruments I brought along to share were:

Renaissance Recorders

Tenor and Bass Krummhorns

Soprano Schryarpfief

5 String Medieval Fiddle (Vielle, Fidel)

Bass Rebec

Bass Viola da Gamba


Virginal (Muselar)

Clavichord (after Urbino)


This was my third visit to this school, for teaching or performance purposes.  As ever, I found the students extremely polite and attentive, and was pleased by the many intelligent and thoughtful questions I was asked, about the instruments, the music, or the history connected to both.


I applaud the high level of musical culture fostered at Veritas School, under the visionary guidance of Sally Mehler, and thank her and the students for inviting me back.  I look forward to future visits there.

-Jacob Breedlove


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