Volunteer for Ritual Art Troupe

Ritual Art Troupe is seeking volunteers in San Francisco, California, Portland, Oregon, and just about anywhere for some types of volunteering. Email us to let us know you want to volunteer. (You can also donate funds or donate food, materials, or equipment.)

San Francisco Volunteer Opportunities

For Theatre Makers project:

  • Actors
  • Playwrights
  • Directors
  • Set designers
  • Costume designers
  • Prop makers
  • Sound engineers
  • Lighting designers
  • Stage managers
  • Stage hands
  • Transport and logistics
  • Video designers / videographers / photographers
  • Casting directors
  • Producers
  • Sign Language Interpreters (ASL)
  • Poets, Musicians, Composers, and Conductors
  • Dancers and Choreographers
  • Publicist
  • Program design, layout, and printing

Portland Volunteer Opportunities

  • Coming soon…

Anywhere Volunteer Opportunities

  • Fundraiser to research, write, and follow up on grant requests to foundations and other groups
  • Blogger to update website with the latest news

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