Ritual Art Troupe Board Meeting on October 5, 2018

The Ritual Art Troupe held a board meeting at 3:00pm on October 5, 2018, with Board Meeting Minutes here.

At the start of the meeting, the members of the RAT board were Jacob Breedlove, Stardust Doherty, and Matt.

The organization is actively seeking new board members and approved Jean-Paul Jones and Iryna Lymar as new board members.

The agenda for the board meeting was as follows:

Official Business

  • Call to Order and Introductions
  • Quorum Check
  • Review and Approve Agenda
  • Review and Approve Prior Board Meeting Minutes
  • Board Recruitment
  • Project Review (brief)
  • Finances (Banking, Past and Planned Donations/Grants and Expenses)
  • Other Official Business
  • Next Board Meeting
  • Adjourn

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