20/20 Wardrobe Master

Update: Position filled by Tyler Mann

Position: Wardrobe Master, supervising the creation and acquisition of all Costumes for the “20/20” play production, including the following:

  • Construction/purchasing and finding of all costumes within the limitations of schedule and budgets
  • Generating pre-production costume lists
  • Responsibility for the strike and return of all costumes, whether rented or built
  • Responsibility for the maintenance and inventory of costumes in our storage space

The Wardrobe Master works in close consultation with the Director, Tech, Set Designer, Prop Master, and other cast and crew.

Skills: Effective oral and written communication skills. Negotiating skills. Knowledge of theatrical building practices in soft goods, paper, wood, metal and of traditional and new materials. Mechanical skills in the use of hand and sewing machine. The ability to read and understand sewing patterns, design sketches, and the ability to produce working drawings. A problem solver, creative thinker, ability to work in a team environment. 

Physical Demands: Lift and carry materials weighing between 50 – 100 pounds. Physical activities such as, but not limited to, lifting, bending, standing, climbing, and/or walking. Ability to drive (with valid driver’s license). Involves getting dirty or dusty and being around paint fumes.

Inclusivity: sensitivity to and an understanding of the diverse socioeconomic, cultural, disability, and ethnic backgrounds of actors and crew, and to accommodating actors and crew with disabilities.

Play: “20/20” by Kari Barclay and Stardust Doherty

Synopsis: It’s 2020. The President has been re-elected, the climate is heating up, the economy in meltdown. In this satirical participatory performance, audience members choose the scenarios to stage: impeachment? a coup? a revolution? “20/20” asks what people power looks like in a time of vast uncertainty when even choosing to do nothing has consequences.

Artistic Director: Stardust Doherty


  • Stage Manager, Techs (Painters, Builders, Makers, Driver, Stage Hands), Set Designer, Prop Master, Wardrobe Master, Marketer/Social Media Maven, Fundraiser, Sign Language Interpreters (ASL), Videographer, Artists/Graphic Designers

Union: No

Compensation: Probably not (We would love to pay artists living wages, but we are an entirely unpaid company, unless we receive grants or other contributions… we are all working for social justice!)

Performances: at least four, as part of the San Francisco Fringe Festival at the EXIT Theatre, 156 Eddy St, San Francisco

  • 6pm-8pm on Saturday, September 7, 2019
  • 1:30pm-3:30pm on Sunday, September 8, 2019
  • 8pm-10pm on Thursday, September 11, 2019
  • 4:30pm-6:30pm on Saturday, September 14, 2019
  • Additional performances possible at other venues, depending on audience demand

Commitment: 2 months, twice weekly through September 6, 2019, in San Francisco: 7pm-11pm Tuesdays, and 9am-7pm Saturdays (inc. set, props, and costume construction), plus load-in and striking performances listed above in San Francisco


  • Contact theatre-makers@ritualart.org with name, costume design experience, and availability for performance and build dates/times.
  • Appointments Available: flexible starting immediately

Show Website: http://ritualart.org/2020/

Tickets: $13 cash in person ($15.99 online tickets at https://20-20.brownpapertickets.com). Advanced purchase recommended due to limited seating.

Box Office: 415-673-3847 (for show information)

Company: Theatre Makers provides a common ground for those interested in dramatic and musical theatre, professional and amateur theater, commercial and non-profit theatre, including non-traditional theatrical events (performance art, pop-up theater, home theater, street theater, puppet shows, etc.) with activities including, for example:

  • Discussions of all aspects of theatre creation and production
  • Exchanging information on opportunities available
  • Collaboration on incubating audience participatory plays and musicals based on social, political, economic, and environmental change (SPEEC) themes​
  • Workshops of plays and musicals under development
  • Readings and staged readings of plays and musicals for educational and motivational purposes

This group particularly fosters events that are inclusive and affirming of people based on class, race/ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, (dis)ability, age, and other identities.

Company Website: http://ritualart.org/theatremakers/

Posting Updates: http://ritualart.org/wordpress/?p=922

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