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Currently, here are the ways to donate funds to the Ritual Art Troupe (you can also volunteer time or donate venue, food, materials or equipment or donate scripts):

    • By check:
      The best way to donate to the Ritual Art Troupe (no fees) is to write a check to “Ritual Art Troupe” and mail it to:

      Ritual Art Troupe
      304 Winfield Street
      San Francisco, CA 94110-5512

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      You can also donate using a credit card on PayPal (fee is 2.2% + $0.30) by clicking on the Donate button above. This table shows some examples (using “non-profit” PayPal fees on this website):

      Gross Donation Fixed Fee % Fee Net Donation
      $5.42 $0.30 $0.12 $5.00
      $10.54 $0.30 $0.23 $10.01
      $51.44 $0.30 $1.13 $50.01
      $102.56 $0.30 $2.26 $100.00
      $511.56 $0.30 $11.25 $500.01

      Project designation:

      If you would like your donation to go to a specific project of the Ritual Art Troupe, such as Orchestra of the Moon, The Opus Project, Theatre Makers Meetup, or True of Voice, please write the project name on the memo line of your check or, after you click on the Donate button above, type in the project name “If restricted, please specify project:” field.

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If you would like to receive a receipt for your donation, please include a note with your legal name (used with the IRS) and email address.

Donor recognition:

If you would like to be recognized as a donor on our website, please email us giving us permission to do so and specifying the name under which you would like to be recognized. And please send lots of good energy to the folks on our donor list.

Tax deduction:

Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by U.S. law as indicated by our IRS 501c3 tax exemption letter.

Of Serpents and Sea Spray

Brad and Stardust spent a lovely evening discussing theater over delicious food in an elegant setting with charming staff at the New Delhi Restaurant.

Stardust and Maharaja of Indore at New Delhi Restaurant

Then, we made our way over to the Custom Made Theatre for opening night of the world premiere of Rachel Bublitz’s “Of Serpents and Sea Spray“, a play about the strange and heroic journey of a girl, tormented by the loss of her parents, who eventually manages to make sense of her life (directed by Ariel Craft).

The Birth of the Ritual Art Troupe

The Ritual Art Troupe is the brainchild of Stardust Doherty and Jacob Breedlove, conceived as a vehicle for nurturing the creation and production of new art in whatever form.


The name came to us as a result of a brainstorm during a three-day ride from Portland to San Francisco, visiting friends, family, and animal spirits in Eugene and Arcata with stops to check in with the ancestors at the Wolf Creek Radical Faerie Sanctuary and at Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, which contains seven percent of all the old-growth redwoods left in the world, along the way.

Stardust at the Sanctuary


EXIT Theatre Load-In

The street entrance of the EXIT Theatre. There is a no parking zone in front of the theater, but according to the House Manager, no one ever seems to get ticketed for parking there. If no parking is available, then one can double-park and unload with someone monitoring the vehicle and its contents.

The street entrance doorway of the EXIT Theatre. All sets, props, etc., will have to fit through this doorway.

The path for loading in sets, props, costumes, actors, and crew up to the doorway entrance of the main stage at the EXIT Theatre in San Francisco.

The path for loading in sets, props, costumes, actors, and crew from the doorway entrance of the theater into the main stage at the EXIT Theatre in San Francisco.

View of the main stage of the EXIT Theatre from the audience.