20/20 Library Tour Actor & Crew Bios

ActorsCrew / Personnel
Chris SchachernKari Barclay
Elyssia TingleyStardust Doherty
Olga MolinaPaul Seliga
Saourubh VermaAdam Lopez
Tajianna OkechukwuPeter Menchini (Videography)
Winnie Yeung


Chris Schachern headshot

Chris Schachern (President, ENSEMBLE)

Chris (he, his, him) is a Bay Area Native who graduated with a BFA in Acting from The Academy of Art University in San Francisco. His theater credits include “The Taming of The Shrew” (2013), “Guys and Dolls” (2013), “The Laramie Project” (2013), “Avenue Q” (2014), “You Can’t Take It With You” (2014), “The Time Of Your Life” (2015), “Black Comedy” (2016), and “Six Degrees Of Separation” (2017). Chris was most recently seen as an extra on “13 Reasons Why” (2019). Known for his imposing presence, charming personality, and accent work, Chris a versatile actor with incredible range and comic timing. The “20/20 Free Library Tour” (2020) is Chris’s debut with Theatre Makers.

Elyssia Tingley headshot

Elyssia Tingley (Ensemble)

Elyssia (she, her, her) is a theatre major from Foothill College, and San Jose State University. She has recently worked with Great America, Windy City Productions, and Lyric Theatre. She spends her free time with her sister and friends, or playing the Chinese harp. The “20/20 Free Library Tour” (2020) is Elyssia’s debut with Theatre Makers.

Olga Molina headshot

Olga Molina (Octavia, ENSEMBLE)

Olga (she, her, her) is an actress, improviser, voice-over artist and producer from Barcelona. Before moving to the US, she studied theatre drama in the Barcelona Theatre School, formed the improv company “Improtopia” and worked in 100+ voice & theatre gigs. She’s now continuing her acting career in the Bay Area with different film and theatre projects. The “20/20 Free Library Tour” (2020) is Olga’s debut with Theatre Makers.

Saourubh Verma headshot

Saourubh Verma (Soshe)

Saourubh (he, his, him) is an up-and-coming actor based in San Francisco. After being bitten by the acting bug in the summer of 2019, he decided to hone in on his craft through various types of training in scene study and improv as well as practical experience. The “20/20 Free Library Tour” (2020) is Saourubh’s debut with Theatre Makers and his first lead role.

Tajianna Okechukwu headshot

Tajianna Okechukwu (Anna)

Tajianna (she, her, her) is a recent college graduate holding a double degree — a BFA in Acting for the Stage and Screen and BA in Cinematic Arts with a concentration in Film & TV Studies. Her work in front and behind the camera often centers on stories that explore Blackness, social justice, and other socially relevant topics. She is a freelance videographer working on promo videos for places in her community. She also has performed in a number of plays, short films, and commercials. Tajianna strives to tell stories via film that will shift paradigms and shake culture to achieve racial reconciliation in our society. The “20/20 Free Library Tour” (2020) is Tajianna’s debut with Theatre Makers.

Winnie Yeung headshot

Winnie Yeung (Ellis, Ensemble)

Winnie (she, her, her) is a San Francisco-based actor who is excited to be making her debut with Theatre Makers in the “20/20 Free Library Tour” (2020).

Crew / Personnel

Kari Barclay headshot

Kari Barclay (CO-WRITER)

Kari (he, his, him) is a director, playwright, and researcher completing his PhD in Theater and Performance Studies at Stanford University. Originally from Washington, DC, he has made work regionally and in New York at venues including the San Francisco Mime Troupe Studio, Round House Theater, and Manbites Dog. His original play, “Can I Hold You?”, was one of the first plays about asexuality performed in the U.S. and enjoyed runs in San Francisco and Brooklyn. Kari is a co-writer of the Theatre Makers play “20/20” (San Francisco Fringe Festival 2019, San Francisco Public Libraries 2020). More at kari-barclay.com

Stardust Doherty headshot

Stardust Doherty (DIRECTOR/CO-WRITER)

Stardust (ze/per/herm) is a playwright, composer, musician (oboe and English horn), and English teacher. Stardust is focused long-term on the True of Voice musical dance theatre production and is a co-organizer of the Theatre Makers Meetup, as well as other playwrighting and composing projects. Stardust serves on the Board of Ritual Art Troupe, as well as two other non-profit organizations, the Online Policy Group and the San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra. Stardust formerly worked at the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Verified Voting Foundation, and at various high-tech companies during a prior career. Stardust began directing plays with per Shakespeare adaptation “A Midwinter Afternoon’s Nightmare” and the original “Bush Faeries: The Musical” (2018) staged at Breitenbush Community Hot Springs winter radical faerie gatherings. Along the way, there was an agit prop production of “Occupy San Francisco Employee Retirement System” (2013) in response to the bankster housing crisis. Stardust is a co-writer with Iryna Lymar and director of the Theatre Makers plays “Animal Factory Farm” (2018) and “Ecopocalypse” (2018) and co-writer with Iryna Lymar of “You Too” (2019) and the director of and a co-writer with Kari Barclay of “20/20” (San Francisco Fringe Festival 2019, San Francisco Public Libraries 2020).

Paul Seliga headshot

Paul Seliga (Stage Manager, ENSEMBLE)

Paul (he, his, him) has been involved in theatre since 2003. He has worked with Living Miracle Productions in San Francisco, including directing “A Franciscan Tapestry” in 2004 and “The Wolf of Gubbio” in 2006. He has also been stage manager for Catchy Name Theater and Pacifica Spindrift Players (“Rumors”, 2009; “Glengarry Glen Ross”, 2011), Ninjaz of Drama, Netgeex, Brisk Weather, Subterranean Shakespeare, Faultline Theater, and Theatre of Others. He directed “The Medicine Cabinet” at the 2016 SF Fringe Festival. As a founding member of the 16th Street Players, he directed their first production, “Bigger Than Life” in 2009. He is a member of the Mission Dolores Basilica Choir since 1979. Unless he’s singing, he likes to run, play softball, ski, watch TiVo, and work on theatre projects. The “20/20 Free Library Tour” (2020) is Paul’s debut with Theatre Makers.

Adam Lopez (Crew, ENSEMBLE)

Adam (he, his, him) moved from upstate New York to the San Francisco Bay Area five years ago. He has participated in a few, small, local productions, primarily with the Theater of Others. The “20/20 Free Library Tour” (2020) is Adam’s debut with Theatre Makers.

20/20 Free Library Tour!

Performance Completed: Bernal Library on Feb. 29, Richmond Library on Feb. 29, and Main Library on Mar. 1 (free limited seating first-come, first-served).
20/20: Winner of Fringe Sold Out Award (San Francisco Fringe Festival 2019)
Review: Excellent review of the past production from Theatrius.
Update: Check out our video and preview video from the past production.
Donate: please donate to cover expenses for our cast and crew.

Actors/Crew: please go here

Synopsis: It’s the year 2020. The President has been re-elected, the climate is heating up, and the economy is in meltdown. Now, it’s up to all of us to figure out what happens next. In this 60-minute satirical participatory performance, audience members choose from a list of possible scenarios they want staged: impeachment? a coup? a revolution? “20/20” asks what people power looks like in a time of vast uncertainty when even choosing to do nothing at all has its consequences.

20/20 Free Library Tour flyer

Performances: “20/20”, co-written by Kari Barclay and Stardust Doherty, is scheduled for a limited tour of free performances in San Francisco Public Libraries:

  • Saturday, February 29, 2020, 10:30am – 12:30pm at San Francisco Public Library – Bernal Heights Branch, 500 Cortland Ave, mass transit: 24 bus, RSVP
  • Saturday, February 29, 2020, 3:00pm – 5:00pm at San Francisco Public Library – Richmond Branch, 351 9th Ave, mass transit: 38 bus, RSVP
  • Sunday, March 1, 2020, 2:00pm – 4:30pm at San Francisco Public Library – Main, 100 Larkin Street, Latino/Hispanic Community Room, mass transit: Civic Center BART, RSVP

Tickets: No tickets! All these performances are free of charge and first-come, first-served.

Trigger Warnings: gun shots, a little profanity, assassination

Headshots and Bios: http://ritualart.org/wordpress/?p=2180

Photos and Videos: http://ritualart.org/wordpress/2020/02/03/20-20-free-library-tour-photos-and-videos/

Volunteer: We are seeking a wardrobe master, prop master, roadies, sound tech, funders, sign language interpreters (ASL), and other volunteers to stage this play.

Please volunteer, donate funds, or donate venue, food, materials or equipment to make this show possible!

Donors: Thanks to Anonymous 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7, Bernhard Ruchti, Brad, Erika Bjune, Iryna Lymar, Kari, Linda Galvane, Lucky Choi, Matt, Matt Nicodemus, Milton, Oriol Codina Carulla, Rick Doherty M.D., Rodger Scott, Scott & Elizabeth, Stardust, Stephen Savage, Terry Cavanagh, and Urs Leonhardt Steiner.

Thanks to our in-kind donor:

Arizmendi logoAwesome worker-owned pizzeria and bakery for yummy vegan pastries and bread to nourish our actors and crew for rehearsals.
20/20 Free Library Tour Cast and Crew


Playwrights Circle reading and critique session of “20/20” at the Ingleside Branch Library in San Francisco on May 21, 2019.

San Francisco Fringe Festival performances of “20/20” at the EXIT Theatre in San Francisco on September 7, 8, 11, and 14, 2019 (original cast and crew).

Auditions for “20/20 Free Library Tour” on January 11, 2020.

Rehearsals in San Francisco on January 16, January 18, February 1, February 6, February 8, February 16, February 17, February 19, February 20, February 21, February 22, February 24, February 26, February 27, and February 28.