People’s Pop-Up Climate Justice Theatre for San Francisco Climate March

The People’s Pop-Up Climate Justice Theatre was created by Theatre Makers for the purpose of participating in the activities surrounding the Global Rise for Climate March in San Francisco on September 8, 2018.

The project involved presenting four performances each of two plays:

  • Ecopocalypse: a dystopian play in which corporations and the wealthy continue the pursuit of profit at the expense of the environment
  • Animal Factory Farm: a play portraying a fable about animals treated poorly by humans who band together and learn that humans are risking not only animal lives, but everything about our way of life on earth
  • Theatre Makers is a project of the Ritual Art Troupe, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

    Ritual Art Troupe Board of Directors

    Current Board

    photo of Jacob BreedloveJacob Breedlove (founding member)
    Jacob is a musician, puppeteer, artist and teacher, who is devoted to sharing his love of history and human culture, especially through performance and teaching. He is the founder and director of Rag on a Stick Theatre and the founder and co-director, with Laura Kuhlman, of Orchestra of the Moon, based in Portland, Oregon. Special areas of focus are: Medieval and Renaissance music, early dance and drama, puppetry, the construction, repair and playing of ancient musical instruments, particularly harpsichord, clavichord, hurdy-gurdy, vielle, viola da gamba, and capped reeds.

    photo of Stardust at the SanctuaryStardust Doherty (founding member)
    Stardust is a playwright, composer, musician (oboe and English horn), and English teacher. Stardust is focused on the True of Voice musical dance theatre production and is a co-organizer of the Theatre Makers Meetup, as well as other playwrighting and composing projects. Stardust serves on the Board of Directors of two other non-profit organizations: the Online Policy Group and the San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra. Stardust formerly worked at the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Verified Voting Foundation, as well as at various high-tech companies during a prior career.

    Matthew Hoe (joined March 28, 2018)
    Matthew is a multimedia artist and virtual reality developer. He co-founded Virtual Bytes, an art, education and research collective creating virtual reality experiences and research that utilize neuroscience concepts to explore the mind/body connection. He is passionate about using his background in creative media and technology to develop virtual reality experiences that challenge our preconceptions about the world around us, and help us connect to each other in new ways.

    Iryna Lymar (joined October 5, 2018)
    Iryna was born in Ukraine, lived in China for 8 years, and eventually moved to California. She studied linguistics and speaks 4 languages: English, Chinese (Mandarin), Ukrainian, and Russian. While doing management and translation jobs in China, Iryna started exploring writing and the theater world. She wrote a compilation of stories about strangers called “Just some strangers on the way” (the book is registered in Ukraine) and a short script called “Robot Buddha”. She co-directed the “Robot Buddha” play in Shenzhen, China, in 2016. Besides that, she was an active member of improv group called “Planet Factory” and acted at monthly shows for a year. Now Iryna lives in San Francisco, teaches yoga and participates in local theater life. Iryna is a co-writer of the Theatre Maker plays “Ecopocalypse” and “Animal Factory Farm”.

    Jean-Paul Jones (aka JP) (joined October 5, 2018)
    Coming soon…

    Emeritus Board

    Emeritus Board Directors include the following:

    • Mark Alburger (founding member, resigned March 2, 2018)

    Join Us!

    Ritual Art Troupe is always seeking new talent and experience for its Board of Directors. If you are interested or know someone who might be a good fit, please email

    Ritual Art Troupe Board Meeting on October 5, 2018

    The Ritual Art Troupe held a board meeting at 3:00pm on October 5, 2018, with Board Meeting Minutes here.

    At the start of the meeting, the members of the RAT board were Jacob Breedlove, Stardust Doherty, and Matthew Hoe.

    The organization is actively seeking new board members and approved Jean-Paul Jones and Iryna Lymar as new board members.

    The agenda for the board meeting was as follows:

    Official Business

    • Call to Order and Introductions
    • Quorum Check
    • Review and Approve Agenda
    • Review and Approve Prior Board Meeting Minutes
    • Board Recruitment
    • Project Review (brief)
    • Finances (Banking, Past and Planned Donations/Grants and Expenses)
    • Other Official Business
    • Next Board Meeting
    • Adjourn