Animal Factory Farm by Theatre Makers

Animal Factory Farm is a play portraying a fable about animals treated poorly by humans who band together and learn that humans are risking not only animal lives, but everything about our way of life on earth.

A Theatre Makers project called the People’s Pop-Up Climate Justice Theatre premiered Animal Factory Farm and another play called Ecopocalypse with several San Francisco performances as part of the global Rise for Climate events during September 2018.

The first four performances of Animal Factory Farm had the following cast:

  • Chicken Little….Khadijah “Katie” Ford Garvin
  • Mad Cow….David-Henry Bennett
  • Sassy Salmon….Alexander Milbert, Ben Perlman
  • Guerrilla Gorilla….Nadeem Anjum
  • Human….Matt, Iryna Lymar
  • Human Race….The Audience!

The People’s Pop-Up Climate Justice Theatre was created by Theatre Makers. Theatre Makers is a project of the Ritual Art Troupe, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Our Thanks to…

  • Playwrights: Iryna Lymar and Stardust (thanks to Playwrights Circle critiques)
  • Sets: Spiraleena, Meg Duff, Matt, Lisa R. Prochello, Joaquín Sandoval, Stardust
  • Props and Costumes: Khadijah “Katie” Ford Garvin, Ben Perlman, Larry Ackerman, Michelle Tang, Iryna Lymar, Stardust
  • Sound: Stardust, Andrew Chin
  • Logistics: Julien Jourdan
  • Videography/Editing: Peter Menchini
  • Funding: Audience Donations, Brad, Stardust
  • In-Kind Donations: Arizmendi Bakery, Stardust
  • Performance of Music for Titles and Credits: Friction Quartet

“Humboldt Quartet” Title and Credits Music Excerpt Copyright ©2018 by Stardust Doherty.
“Animal Factory Farm” Play Copyright ©2018 by Iryna Lymar and Stardust Doherty.

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