Donate Food, Materials, or Equipment to Ritual Art Troupe

To donate food, materials, or equipment to the Ritual Art Troupe, please email us. (You can also donate funds or volunteer.)

We are actively seeking donations of the following:

  • Portable sound equipment: Allen and Heath ZED‑22FX Mixer, Countryman B3 wireless mics (8, various skin shades), Sennheiser wireless transmitters and receivers (6 of each), speakers (2 large), monitor speakers (2 small), power source (ideally rechargeable battery packs, will consider generator), rack mount and roller cases for all equipment, canned air bottles (to clean/dry mics)
  • Healthy vegan food and drinks for rehearsals and performances
  • Folding chairs, lightweight and portable
  • Muslin fabric (wide preferred) for set backdrops and costume design
  • Large portfolio to carry flat props

  • Curtain fabrics (for the portable theatre)
  • Costumes