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ActorsCrew / Personnel
Nadeem AnjumIryna Lymar
Venee Call-FerrerStardust Doherty
Alejandro EustaquioPulkit Gulati
Ankur Garg
Courtney Hartman
Jess Lazkano
Alia Thiel
Kameron Thorntona Brown


Nadeem Anjum headshot

Nadeem Anjum (Harvey Cosby)

Nadeem (he, his, him) is from Calcutta and has been in San Francisco Bay Area for 5 years now. He has been acting since he was a kid and has appeared in several theatre and film roles. He debuted with Theatre Makers when he appeared as a wealthy entrepreneur in “Ecopocalypse” (2018) and as a Gorilla in “Animal Factory Farm” (2018). His most recent theatre appearance was in the SF Fringe Festival where he appeared as a socialist in “20/20” (2019). He is excited to be combining his passion for acting and social justice with his participation in “You Too”.

Venee Call-Ferrer

Venee Call-Ferrer (Dianne Pelosi)

Venee (she, her, her) is drawn to Theater because of its ability to bring about social change, personal transformation, and inspire understanding, compassion, and tolerance in the world. Venee has a B.A. in Arts and Social Change from New College of California, with studies in Drama Therapy, Film/Video, Photography, Studio, and Performance Art. She is also an avid abstract photographer and traveler. She was just nominated for the Arty Awards 2019, Best Supporting Actress for the part of Jesses in Sweat, BOTTG. Past performances include Improv with Pan Theater Oakland, Living Tarot, and The Resistible Rise Of Arturo Uuo. “You Too” is Venee’s debut with Theatre Makers.

Alejandro Eustaquio

Alejandro Eustaquio (Father Ford)

Alejandro (he, his, him) was born in Vallejo, CA and is the youngest of five children. Alejandro originally grew up as a musician playing the flute. He had plans to pursue The Juilliard School In New York; however, he realized that music was more of a hobby than a career. In 2009, Alejandro made it his New Year’s resolution to pursue his dream of acting. He has filmed various films and commercials around the Bay Area and currently studies at the Beverly Hills Playhouse In San Francisco. Aside from the Arts, Alejandro also enjoys traveling the world. He has visited 12 countries amongst Europe, Asia, and Latin America. “You Too” is Alejandro’s debut with Theatre Makers.

Ankur Garg

Ankur Garg (Mother Ford)

Ankur (she, her, her) is thrilled to be a part of this timely production! She is an avid actor and singer who performed across Washington DC, Minneapolis and Los Angeles prior to her recent move to San Francisco. Ankur was last seen in Terminal Lucidity at the Baltimore Theatre Project, and the Page-to-Stage New Play Festival at the Kennedy Center. She trained at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis and The Actors Center in Los Angeles. “You Too” is Ankur’s debut with Theatre Makers.

Courtney Hartman (Anita Ford)

Courtney (she, her, her) is a licensed psychologist in CA with a background in theatre. She has been practicing in CA for over three years, and has been performing in various visual art installations and bay area theatre projects for 10 years. She had her directing debut last VDay season with VDay East Bay the Vagina Monologues with a focus on racial diversity and acknowledgment of the limitations of a script that aims at representing the experiences of all women. She is very excited to be joining forces with Theatre Makers to continue creating theatre to address social justice issues. “You Too” is Courtney’s debut with Theatre Makers.

Jess Lazkano (Tommy Ford, RICKY)

Jess (he, his, him) was born in Mexico from a Mexican mother and Spanish father. He moved to the US when he was 13. He is currently a singer-songwriter in the pop and experimental music genres delivering strong and out-of-the-ordinary messages. He is also exploring acting and photography. “You Too” is Jess’ debut with Theatre Makers.

Alia Thiel

Alia Thiel (Sister Pelosi)

Alia (she, her, her) is thrilled to be a part of her first project with Ritual Art Troupe. She feels passionately about spreading awareness about the #metoo movement and the perspective of victims of abuse and harassment. Alia has performed with local college theater at Diablo Valley College, Cal State Eastbay, and Chabot College. She was last seen in “​A Musical Comedy of Murders” with The Orinda Starlight Players. “You Too” is Alia’s debut with Theatre Makers.

Kameron Thorntona Brown (Sean O’Reilly, CAMPAIGN MANAGER)

Kameron (he, his, him) is originally from Sacramento and moved to the Bay Area last year. He has starred in multiple plays, but recently took on new challenges pursuing Television and Film. One of Kameron’s favorite roles was being a “stand-in” and “background” actor for the Netflix show, “13 Reasons Why”. Kameron would like to thank his mother, family, and girlfriend for all their love and support. “You Too” is Kameron’s debut with Theatre Makers.

Crew / Personnel

Iryna Lymar (Director, Co-Writer)

Iryna (she/her/her) was born in Ukraine, lived in China for 8 years, and eventually moved to California. She studied linguistics and speaks 4 languages: English, Chinese (Mandarin), Ukrainian, and Russian. While doing management and translation jobs in China, Iryna started exploring writing and the theater world. She wrote a compilation of stories about strangers called “Just some strangers on the way” (the book is registered in Ukraine) and a short script called “Robot Buddha”. She co-directed the “Robot Buddha” play in Shenzhen, China, in 2016. Besides that, she was an active member of an improv group called “Planet Factory” and acted at monthly shows for a year. Now Iryna lives in San Francisco, teaches yoga, and participates in local theater life. Iryna is a co-writer of the Theatre Maker plays “Animal Factory Farm” (2018), “Ecopocalypse” (2018), and “You Too” (2019), the last of which Iryna is also directing.

Stardust Doherty (CO-WRITER)

Stardust (ze/per/herm) is a playwright, composer, musician (oboe and English horn), and English teacher. Stardust is focused long-term on the True of Voice musical dance theatre production and is a co-organizer of the Theatre Makers Meetup, as well as other playwrighting and composing projects. Stardust serves on the Board of Ritual Art Troupe, as well as two other non-profit organizations, the Online Policy Group and the San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra. Stardust formerly worked at the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Verified Voting Foundation, and at various high-tech companies during a prior career. Stardust began directing plays with per Shakespeare adaptation “A Midwinter Afternoon’s Nightmare” and the original “Bush Faeries: The Musical” (2018) staged at Breitenbush Community Hot Springs winter radical faerie gatherings. Along the way, there was an agit prop production of “Occupy San Francisco Employee Retirement System” (2013) in response to the bankster housing crisis. Stardust is a co-writer with Iryna Lymar and director of the Theatre Maker plays “Animal Factory Farm” (2018) and “Ecopocalypse” (2018), a co-writer with Iryna Lymar of “You Too” (2019), and a co-writer with Kari Barclay and the director of “20/20” (San Francisco Fringe Festival 2019).

Pulkit Gulati

Pulkit Gulati (Stage Manager)

Pulkit (he, his, him) is a Bay Area actor, filmmaker, and dancer who completed a two-year intensive acting program under Jim Jarrett, Sandy Meisner’s last teaching protege. Pulkit’s work includes “Serial Monster: Ted Bundy” on ReelzTV, “Is this Meta?”, “Consequences!” as well as other indie shorts. Pulkit can soon be seen in a VR Short Film which was produced in collaboration with University of California Berkeley. He’s won best comedy for “Perspective” at a Bay Area 24 Hour Film Festival and was part of HBO Asian Festival nomination “The Great Escape”. “You Too” is Pulkit’s first project with Theatre Makers.

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