20/20 Play Actor & Crew Bios

ActorsCrew / Personnel
Nadeem AnjumKari Barclay
David-Henry BennettStardust Doherty
Matt HoeMore coming soon…
Hima Menon
Geeta Rai
Jess Thompson
Dennie Warren


Nadeem Anjum headshot

Nadeem Anjum (SOCHE)

Nadeem (he, his, him) is from Calcutta and first started acting in college. Since then, Nadeem has focused on improv with the South Bay Improv group and had his U.S. acting debut with the Theatre Makers as Gorilla in “Animal Factory Farm” (2018) and as a wealthy entrepreneur in “Ecopocalypse” (2018).

David-Henry Bennett (ELLIS)

David-Henry (he, his, him) is a native of Atlanta who started acting at the age of 3. He has acted in many roles, both comedic and dramatic and is currently studying his final year for an MFA in Acting at Academy of Art University. He plans to work in television and stage after graduation. David-Henry is also a dancer and writer. He also want a career in education as a means of giving back. He feels that acting is a way of expressing things we don’t normally get to express and allowing ourselves to be in harms way as a way of sharing with people how they can heal. David-Henry first appeared with Theatre Makers as Cow in “Animal Factory Farm” (2018) and as a wandering indigent in “Ecopocalypse” (2018).


Matt (he, his, him) first performed at a Fringe Festival in Edinburgh at the age of 16 and is happy to be back, this time in San Francisco. Matt also acted in the Theatre Makers productions of “Animal Factory Farm” (2018) and “Ecopocalype” (2018). Matt is a multimedia artist and virtual reality developer. He co-founded Virtual Bytes, an art, education and research collective creating virtual reality experiences and research that utilize neuroscience concepts to explore the mind/body connection. He is passionate about using his background in creative media and technology to develop virtual reality experiences that challenge our preconceptions about the world around us, and help us connect to each other in new ways. Matt also serves on the Board of the Ritual Art Troupe.

Hima Menon headshot

Hima Menon (TV NEWS HOST)

Hima (she, her, her) is very happy to be part of Theatre Makers. She is from the San Francisco Bay Area where she is currently training with The Meisner Technique studio. She is passionate about art in any form and loves to be part of theatre productions as much as possible. She is a software engineer by the day but strives to complete her training one day and submit more of herself to art. She has been part of a few art projects around the Bay Area and hopes to be able to contribute more as time progresses. “20/20” is Hima’s debut with Theatre Makers.


Geeta (she, her, her) is a Bay Area Theater and Film Actor whose recent theater credits include Naatak’s “Rabbit Hole” and “EnActe Arts, Go to Your Room, Mother!”. Her theater education includes the Trinity College of London’s Speech and Drama Curriculum and Foothill College Acting Coursework. When she is not on stage/set/auditioning, she helps manage a theatre non-profit that promotes South Asian themed theater and children education programs. She is excited to perform at the Fringe Festival in San Francisco. “20/20” is Geeta’s debut with Theatre Makers.

Jess Thompson (ANNA)

Jess (she, her, her) studied Social Work in her graduate program and Acting and Psychology in her undergraduate program. Jess currently works as a therapist with low-income high school students. She is excited to merge her passions for theatre and social justice. “20/20” is Jess’ debut with Theatre Makers.

Dennie Warren (OCTAVIA, VP)

Dennie (she, her, her) has appeared in a wide variety of films, television series, and plays, as a featured actor and as an extra. Dennie is excited for her theatrical debut to be a role in “20/20” with Theatre Makers.

Crew / Personnel

Kari Barclay headshot image

Kari Barclay (CO-WRITER)

Kari (he, his, him) is a director, playwright, and researcher completing his PhD in Theater and Performance Studies at Stanford University. Originally from Washington, DC, he has made work regionally and in New York at venues including the San Francisco Mime Troupe Studio, Round House Theater, and Manbites Dog. His original play, “Can I Hold You?”, was one of the first plays about asexuality performed in the U.S. and enjoyed runs in San Francisco and Brooklyn. Kari is a co-writer of the Theatre Maker play “20/20”. More at kari-barclay.com

Stardust Doherty (DIRECTOR/CO-WRITER)

Stardust (ze/per/herm) is a playwright, composer, musician (oboe and English horn), and English teacher. Stardust is focused long-term on the True of Voice musical dance theatre production and is a co-organizer of the Theatre Makers Meetup, as well as other playwrighting and composing projects. Stardust serves on the Board of Ritual Art Troupe, as well as two other non-profit organizations, the Online Policy Group and the San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra. Stardust formerly worked at the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Verified Voting Foundation, and at various high-tech companies during a prior career. Stardust began directing plays with per Shakespeare adaptation “A Midwinter Afternoon’s Nightmare” and the original “Bush Faeries: The Musical” (2018) staged at Breitenbush Community Hot Springs winter radical faerie gatherings. Along the way, there was an agit prop production of “Occupy San Francisco Employee Retirement System” (2013) in response to the bankster housing crisis. Stardust is a co-writer with Iryna Lymar and director of the Theatre Maker plays “Animal Factory Farm” (2018) and “Ecopocalypse” (2018) and co-writer with Iryna Lymar of “You Too” (planned 2019) and the director of and a co-writer with Kari Barclay of “20/20” (San Francisco Fringe Festival 2019).

Seeking Latino Actor for “20/20” Play (Deadline: July 2)

Update: this role was transformed and cast.

Theatre Makers is seeking an actor for the role of Francisco, a young-to-middle-aged Latino male socialist who is in love with Anna, another character in the “20/20” play.

Synopsis: It’s 2020. The President has been re-elected, the climate is heating up, the economy in meltdown. In this satirical participatory performance, audience members choose the scenarios to stage: impeachment? a coup? a revolution? “20/20” asks what people power looks like in a time of vast uncertainty when even choosing to do nothing has consequences.

Director: Stardust Doherty

Union: No

Compensation: Probably not (We would love to pay artists living wages, but we are an entirely unpaid company, unless we receive grants or other contributions… we are all working for social justice!)

Performances: at least four, as part of the San Francisco Fringe Festival at the EXIT Theatre, 156 Eddy St, San Francisco

  • 6pm-8pm on Saturday, September 7, 2019
  • 1:30pm-3:30pm on Sunday, September 8, 2019
  • 8pm-10pm on Thursday, September 11, 2019
  • 4:30pm-6:30pm on Saturday, September 14, 2019
  • Additional performances possible at other venues, depending on audience demand

Rehearsals: twice weekly from July 9 to September 6, 2019, in San Francisco

  • 7pm-11pm Tuesdays, and
  • 3pm-7pm Saturdays


  • Contact theatre-makers@ritualart.org with name, preferred role, gender, race/ethnicity, age, acting experience, memorization ability level, and availability for performance, rehearsal, and audition dates/times.
  • Appointment Deadline: Tuesday, July 2
  • Script Excerpts Distributed: Tuesday, July 2 (by email, some memorization required)
  • Appointments Available on request

Show Website: http://ritualart.org/2020/

Tickets: $13 in person ($15.99 online tickets at https://20-20.brownpapertickets.com). Advanced purchase recommended due to limited seating.

Box Office: 415-673-3847 (for show information)

Company: Theatre Makers provides a common ground for those interested in dramatic and musical theatre, professional and amateur theater, commercial and non-profit theatre, including non-traditional theatrical events (performance art, pop-up theater, home theater, street theater, puppet shows, etc.) with activities including, for example:

  • Discussions of all aspects of theatre creation and production
  • Exchanging information on opportunities available
  • Collaboration on incubating audience participatory plays and musicals based on social, political, economic, and environmental change (SPEEC) themes​
  • Workshops of plays and musicals under development
  • Readings and staged readings of plays and musicals for educational and motivational purposes

This group particularly fosters events that are inclusive and affirming of people based on class, race/ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, (dis)ability, age, and other identities.

Company Website: http://ritualart.org/theatremakers/

Please share this casting notice with anyone who might be interested.

20/20 Actors & Crew Information

This information is for actors and crew of the Theatre Makers play “20/20”. For general information about the play “20/20”, please go to ritualart.org/2020

Performance Schedule

Four performances as part of the San Francisco Fringe Festival at the EXIT Theatre, 156 Eddy St, San Francisco. Performances last exactly 60 minutes starting one hour after the call time listed below. Actors and crew should plan to stay for one hour after the performance for takedown and audience adulation.

DateCall TimeEnd Time
Saturday, September 7, 201905:30 PM08:30 PM
Sunday, September 8, 201901:00 PM04:00 PM
Wednesday, September 11, 201907:30 PM10:30 PM
Saturday, September 14, 201904:00 PM07:00 PM

Rehearsal Schedule

DateStart TimeEnd TimeAbsent
Tuesday, July 9, 201907:00 PM11:00 PMDavid-Henry (sick)
Saturday, July 13, 201903:00 PM07:00 PMGeeta, Hima
Tuesday, July 16, 201907:00 PM11:00 PMGeeta, Nadeem (sick)
Saturday, July 20, 201903:00 PM07:00 PMGeeta (late)
Tuesday, July 23, 201907:00 PM11:00 PM
Saturday, July 27, 201903:00 PM07:00 PMDavid-Henry, Matt
Tuesday, July 30, 201907:00 PM11:00 PMGeeta, Matt
Saturday, August 3, 201903:00 PM07:00 PMJess
Tuesday, August 6, 201907:00 PM11:00 PMJess
Saturday, August 10, 201903:00 PM07:00 PMJess
Tuesday, August 13, 201907:00 PM11:00 PM
Saturday, August 17, 2019 (Run-Through)03:00 PM07:00 PM
Tuesday, August 20, 2019 (Run-Through)07:00 PM11:00 PM
Saturday, August 24, 2019 (Run-Through)03:00 PM07:00 PM
Tuesday, August 27, 2019 (Run-Through)07:00 PM11:00 PM
Saturday, August 31, 2019 (Dress Rehearsal)03:00 PM07:00 PM
Tuesday, September 3, 2019 (Dress Rehearsal)07:00 PM11:00 PM
Friday, September 6, 2019 (Dress Rehearsal)07:00 PM11:00 PM
Tech Rehearsal: September 1-4 TBDTBDTBD

Rehearsal Guidelines

  • Schedule: We will provide a detailed schedule for each rehearsal on Meetup where you can RSVP about your specific attendance for that rehearsal. (So please join the Theatre Makers Meetup.)
  • Punctuality: Please arrive by your call time and stay until your end time for each rehearsal. Your fellow actors and crew are depending on you!
  • Absences: Please notify Stardust well in advance if you aren’t able to attend a rehearsal. You should not miss more than 2 or 3 rehearsals. Also, please try to schedule any missed rehearsals toward the beginning of the rehearsal schedule, rather than close to performance time.
  • Refreshments: Each rehearsal will offer healthy vegan food and drink. Please feel free to bring vegan items to share if you like. Please no meat, dairy, or nuts (due to actor allergies) and mark any items containing gluten, thanks!
  • Feedback: Be prepared to provide and receive constructive feedback. Script change suggestions welcome until the end of the second rehearsal when we will do our best to make the script solid.
  • Cooperation: Follow the direction of crew members as appropriate to their roles.
  • Inclusion: Co-create an inclusive and diverse environment, with special attention to (dis)ability accommodation
  • Contacts: Provide basic contact info (name, city, email, phone, pronoun preference) and share it with the group.
  • Publicity: Snap photos and shoot videos during rehearsals, plus provide headshot and bio to share for show publicity.
  • Marketing: Distribute print and online flyers to friends and family to encourage them to purchase tickets for the performances.
  • Party: Help figure out where and when to hold our cast/crew/donor party!

Roles by Actor Name

Here is the cast of roles by actor name as of June 17, 2019. We may have to make some adjustments, but this should be solid by the end of the second rehearsal.

German Newscaster
Lead Soldier
Protestor #3
David-Henry BennettEllis
Arabic Newscaster #2
Republican Representative
Soldiers Group
Dennie WarrenSarah Palin
Hebrew Newscaster
Vice President
Student #2
Soldiers Group
Geeta RaiMaster of Ceremonies
Secret Service Goon #1
Russian Newscaster
Chinese Newscaster
Backstage Voice
Democrat Representative
Student #3
Protestors Group
Opposition Politician
Zuckergates Assistant
Protestor #1
Hima MenonTV News Host
Brazilian Newscaster
Lead Protestor
Protestor #2
Jess ThompsonAnna
French Newscaster
Protestors Group
Matt HoeBackstage Voice
Secret Service Goon #2
Democrat Senator
Soldiers Group
Security Guard
Nadeem AnjumSoshe
Business Newscaster
Venezuelan Newscaster
Arabic Newscaster #1
Republican Senator
Student #1
Jeff Zuckergates

Roles by Play Act / Scenario

Here is the cast of roles by play act / scenario as of June 17, 2019. We may have to make some adjustments, but this should be solid by the end of the second rehearsal.

PrologueMaster of Ceremonies (Geeta)
Act IPresident (TBD)
Secret Service Goon #1 (Geeta)
Secret Service Goon #2 (Matt)
TV News Host (Hima)
Anna (Jess)
Soshe (Nadeem)
Business Newscaster (Nadeem)
French Newscaster (Jess)
German Newscaster (TBD)
Russian Newscaster (Geeta)
Sarah Palin (Dennie)
Brazilian Newscaster (Hima)
Venezuelan Newscaster (Nadeem)
Chinese Newscaster (Geeta)
Hebrew Newscaster (Dennie)
Arabic Newscaster #1 (Nadeem)
Arabic Newscaster #2 (David-Henry)
Ellis (David-Henry)
Decision PointsMaster of Ceremonies (Geeta)
Backstage Voice (1st time) (Matt)
ImpeachmentSoshe (Nadeem)
Anna (Jess)
TV News Host (Hima)
Republican Representative (David-Henry)
Democrat Representative (Geeta)
Republican Senator (Nadeem)
President (TBD)
Democrat Senator (Matt)
Ellis (David-Henry)
AssassinationAssassin (David-Henry)
President (TBD)
Anna (Jess)
Ellis (David-Henry)
Soshe (Nadeem)
Secret Service Goon #1 (Geeta)
Secret Service Goon #2 (Matt)
Vice President (Dennie)
TV News Host (Hima)
Ellis (David-Henry)
Anna (Jess)
Soshe (Nadeem)
TV News Host (Hima)
Student #1 (Nadeem)
Student #2 (Dennie)
Student #3 (Geeta)
Military CoupLead Protestor (Hima)
Lead Soldier (TBD)
Protestors Group (Geeta, Jess)
Soldiers Group (David-Henry, Dennie, Matt)
Soshe (Nadeem)
TV News Host (Hima)
Anna (Jess)
General (Dennie)
Opposition Politician (Geeta)
General StrikeSoshe (Nadeem)
Anna (Jess)
TV News Host (Hima)
Jeff Zuckergates (Nadeem)
Assistant (Geeta)
Alexis (Dennie)
Corporate CoupSoshe (Nadeem)
Anna (Jess)
TV News Host (Hima)
Ellis (David-Henry)
Security Guard (Matt)
Octavia (Dennie)
Electoral ProgressSoshe (Nadeem)
Anna (Jess)
Ellis (David-Henry)
TV News Host (Hima)
Do NothingAnna (Jess)
Soshe (Nadeem)
Ellis (David-Henry)
Protestor (Geeta)
TV News Host (Hima)
CodaMaster of Ceremonies (Geeta)
Everyone! (David-Henry, Dennie,
Geeta, Hima, Jess, Matt, Nadeem, TBD)

Crew List

We are currently recruiting crew for the following roles:

Venue Stage and Load-In

To see photos and videos of the EXIT Theatre main stage and the load-in path to the stage, see http://ritualart.org/wordpress/2015/07/13/exit-theatre-load-in/