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Update: On December 29, 2019, we reached our initial fundraising goal to cover basic expenses for the production! All donations from this point on are for stage manager and actor stipends.

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Please support community-based revolutionary theatre and include Ritual Art Troupe and the Theatre Makers project in your giving this season!

Summary: Donate to our “20/20 Play Library Tour” crowdfundraiser We reached our initial goal for January 1, 2020. Now, we are trying to raise funds for the actors’ and stage manager expenses by the end of February 2020.

Ritual Art Troupe has accomplished a lot recently– you may have experienced some of our shows!

  • You Too: a play about the #metoo movement with 3 performances in Fremont and Oakland in partnership with local domestic violence prevention nonprofits Narika and SAVE (November 2019)
  • 20/20: a play speculating about the re-election of the President where the audience chooses from eight scenarios to complete the action with 4 performances (with a Sold-Out Opening Night award) at the San Francisco Fringe Festival (September 2019)
  • Animal Factory Farm and Ecopocalypse: plays addressing climate change in 4 performances as part of the global Rise for Climate in San Francisco (September 2018)
  • Regular Playwrights Circle meetings where playwrights share new work and receive constructive criticism (SF Bay Area)
  • Theatre Makers Mixers where everyone who co-creates theatre is welcome to come socialize (SF Bay Area)
  • Orchestra of the Moon and Rag on a Stick Puppet Theatre performances (Portland, OR)

Ritual Art Troupe has beautiful plans for the upcoming year:

  • 20/20 Play Library Tour” offering the 20/20 play to new audiences for free at local public library branches… please contribute to make this possible at
  • Where We Love play chronicling the stories of LGBTQ+ refugees and asylum seekers in English and also as Donde Amamos in Spanish (recipient of a CA$H Performs grant with performances slated for Queer Freedom month in June 2020 and community partner Rainbow Street)
  • “SPEEC Play Reading Series” for casual readings of historic plays with social, political, economic, and environmental change (SPEEC) themes (SF Bay Area throughout 2020)
  • Regular Playwrights Circle meetings and Theatre Makers Mixers (SF Bay Area throughout 2020)
  • Other projects — including an opera! — TBA

The Theatre Makers Project provides common ground for diverse communities to collaborate on, incubate, and stage both newly created and historically relevant audience-participatory plays based on social, political, economic, and environmental change (SPEEC) themes. Theatre Makers is a project of the nonprofit Ritual Art Troupe, fostering and developing inclusive, participatory, and community-based arts.

Please donate to our “20/20 Play Library Tour” crowdfundraiser !

Or if you prefer, you can donate with a check or to other projects of the Ritual Art Troupe.

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Ritual Art Troupe

Theatre Makers Hits 200 Participants!

Today, the Theatre Makers project hit a milestone of 200 participants!

Please join the Theatre Makers meetup to hear about opportunities for participation in activities such as our Playwrights Circle, our Socials/Mixers, and of course our productions, such as these upcoming plays:

  • 20/20: seeking one lead actor plus stage manager and whole crew for the play in which the audience decides what to do once the U.S. President is re-elected
  • You Too: announcement soon about our community partners for this play about the #metoo movement, abuse, and healing
  • Where We Love / Donde Amamos: interviewing participants for shows in English and español to co-create this story of LGBTQ refugees and asylum seekers.

Donde Amamos (Where We Love): Entrevistar a los refugiados y solicitantes de asilo LGBTQ+ para una obra teatral de Theatre Makers

English version

¿Eres un refugiado LGBTQ+? ¿O llegaste a los Estados Unidos como una persona LGBTQ+ en busca de asilo? El proyecto Theatre Makers está co-creando una obra llamada “Donde Amamos” (“Where We Love”) que cuenta las historias de refugiados y solicitantes de asilo LGBTQ+.

Resumen: si desea ser voluntario para ser entrevistado o ayudar a co-crear esta obra, envíe un correo electrónico a con su nombre, número de teléfono, ciudad y los mejores horarios para contactarlo.

La obra es por y para la comunidad, para generar solidaridad e servir de inspiracion para los refugiados y solicitantes de asilo LGBTQ+, mientras informamos a las comunidades LGBTQ+ y al público en general de forma entretenida sobre la situación de los refugiados y solicitantes de asilo LGBTQ+, sobre la mejor manera de apoyarlos, y como mejorar en el proceso de inmigración.

Planeamos tener actuaciones en inglés y actuaciones en español.

Queremos entrevistar a la mayor cantidad posible de refugiados y solicitantes de asilo LGBTQ+ para que la obra presente un grupo inclusivo y diverso de personajes de todas las situaciones diferentes de todo el mundo. Las entrevistas son completamente confidenciales y, debido a que mezclaremos y uniremos los detalles de la historia de muchas personas, ninguna persona específica será identificable a partir de su historia en la obra.

Si se siente más cómodo, encontraremos un entrevistador que pueda entrevistarlo en su primer idioma, en lugar del inglés.

También estamos entrevistando al personal de varias organizaciones y voluntarios que trabajan con refugiados LGBTQ+ y solicitantes de asilo sobre sus experiencias para el obra.

Para inscribirse para una entrevista sobre su experiencia como refugiado o solicitante de asilo LGBTQ+ (o personal de una organización o trabajador), envíe un correo electrónico a con su nombre, número de teléfono, ciudad y los mejores horarios para contactarlo.

Por favor comparta esta oportunidad con cualquier refugiado LGBTQ+ y solicitantes de asilo que conozca y con cualquier otra persona que quiera ayudar con el obra.

Nota: si lo desea, también puede participar en la creación y puesta en escena de la obra aquí en el Área de la Bahía de San Francisco: los creadores de teatro necesitarán un escritor en idioma español, actores, diseñadorees de vestuario, escenógrafos, pintores, fabricantes de utilería, equipo de transporte, equipo para el sonido y la illuminacion, director de escena, intérpretes de lenguaje de señas (ASL), financiadores, y otros voluntarios. Si conococes un espacio en donde podemos hacer la obra, dejame saber por favor. Para ser voluntario, envíe un correo electrónico a con su nombre, número de teléfono, ciudad y los mejores horarios para contactarlo.

Para obtener más información sobre la obra, visite

Para obtener más información y para unirse a los fabricantes de teatro:

Muchachos” por Kuzma Sergeevich Petrov-Vodkin

Where We Love: Interviewing LGBTQ+ Refugees and Asylum Seekers for Theatre Makers Play

En español

Are you an LGBTQ+ refugee? Or did you come to the USA as an LGBTQ+ person seeking asylum? The Theatre Makers project is co-creating a play called “Where We Love” that tells the stories of LGBTQ+ refugees and asylum seekers.

Summary: if you want to volunteer to be interviewed or help co-create this play, please email with your name, phone number, city, and the best times to contact you.

The play is by and for the community, to generate solidarity and inspire healing for LGBTQ+ refugees and asylum seekers, while informing the LGBTQ+ communities and the general public in an entertaining way about the situation of LGBTQ+ refugees and asylum seekers, how best to support them and advocate for improvements in the immigration process.

We plan to have performances in English and performances in Spanish.

We want to interview as many LGBTQ+ refugees and asylum seekers as possible so that the play presents an inclusive and diverse group of characters from all different situations all over the world. The interviews are completely confidential and, because we will mix and match story details from many people, no specific individual will be identifiable from their story in the play.

If you feel more comfortable, we will find an interviewer who can interview you in your first language, rather than English.

We are also interviewing organizational staff and volunteers who work with LGBTQ+ refugees and asylum seekers about their experiences for the play.

To sign up for an interview about your experience as an LGBTQ+ refugee or asylum seeker (or organizational staff or worker), please email with your name, phone number, city, and the best times to contact you.

Please share this opportunity with any LGBTQ+ refugees and asylum seekers you know and with anyone else who might want to help with the play.

Bonus — If you like, you can also participate in creating and staging the play here in the San Francisco Bay Area: Theatre Makers will need a Spanish-language writer, actors, set designers, painters, prop master, wardrobe master, roadies, sound and light crew, a stage manager, funders, venues, sign-language interpreters (ASL), and other volunteers. To volunteer, please email with your name, phone number, city, and the best times to contact you.

For more information about the play, see

For more information and to join Theatre Makers:

“Boys” by Kuzma Sergeevich Petrov-Vodkin